Car Make Corn's - Grey Hoodie (Sizes: S)

Genuine Car Make Corn's Hoodie - Direct from Japan - Grey in colour

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Last one!

Car Make Corn's - T-Shirt (Various Colours) (Colour: White, Sizes: S)

Genuine Car Make Corn's T-Shirt - Direct from Japan - Available in various colours

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Car Make Corn's - MX-5 Parking Only Sign - Various Colours (NA 1989-1997) (Sign: Yellow)

Car Make Corn's MX5 Parking Only Sign - Direct from Japan

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Quantity Available: 2

Car Make Corn's - Glasses / Storage Box (NA 1989-1997)

Great handle storage box from Japan to hold your coins/glasses etc - Direct replacement for the stock ash tray.

Quantity Available: 4

Car Make Corn's - Lightweight Classic Mirror Pair (NA/NB 1989-2004)

Lightweight Classic Mirror Pair for the NA/NB MX5 - Direct from Car Make Corn's in Japan.

SOLD OUT if ordered we will send when available (email us for ETA)

Coil On Plug Ignition System [COP] (NA/NB 1989-2004) (Select Model: 89-93 1.6 (Not Plug & Play- Hardwire))


Coil on Plug kits are now available - Hardwire and Plug & Play options available.


From $470.00
Quantity Available: 2

Clutch Hydraulics [Slave / Master / Hose / Line] (NA/NB 1989-2005) (Select: Full Kit (Slave, Master, Line))


Genuine and aftermarket Clutch Hydraulics components for the NA/NB MX5!


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Quantity Available: 4

Windshield Washer Bottle Relocation Kit - Maruha Japan (NA/NB 1989-2004)

Relocate your windshield washer bottle from the engine bay to the firewall/scuttle area. This is a great way to create more room for turbo cars and can be used with our mania cold air intake!

was $115.00
Quantity Available: 5

Quick Shift Kit 'Short Throw Shifter' 5 Speed (NA/NB8A 1989-2000)

On a budget but REALLY want a Quick shift kit? While this isn't as fancy as our 'Short Shift Kit' it will definitely do the job! 40% quicker shift and much more precise!


was $109.00
Quantity Available: 9

Sway Bar End Link Pair - SuperMiata (NA/NB 1989-2004)

SuperMiata adjustable end links for the 89-05 MX5 allow you to remove any preload and compensate for ride height changes with your standard or aftermarket anti-roll (sway) bars. 


Quantity Available: 2

Flow Force 640cc Injector Kit - (NA/NB 1989-2004)

The legendary injector kit supplying fuel to hundreds of high-performance Miatas and smiles to their drivers. From lightly modified naturally aspirated engines to built motors with turbos or superchargers, the Flow Force kit is the standard for reliable power.


SOLD OUT if ordered we will send when available (email us for ETA)

949 Racing 7075 Forged Alloy Wheel Nuts [16pc] 12x1.5 (Black/Silver/Red) (Colour: Red)

7075 Forged Alloy Wheel Nuts, Tough enough for an impact gun, yet super light. Less than half the weight of steel nuts. Available in Black, Silver and the new RED finish!

$109.00 / set(s)
Quantity Available: 2

1/64 Hot Wheels 'Mad Mike' 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Hot Wheels 1/64 Scale Mad Mike 2015 Mazda MX5 Miata

Quantity Available: 4